What it's about


It's different things to different people.
It's about;
baring all
being cheeky
being bold
letting go
celebrating our bodies
creating something special
making a difference
being fully expressed and free
inspiring others
stepping outside comfort zones
doing something new
having fun


The Very First Year

A Naked Dip

Come on in the water's warm! Over one weekend in September, we invite you to join us in celebrating our bodies by stripping off and running in to the sea!


Swimming naked is an amazing experience.  Taking part in this event is a transformative experience. 


We have created a comfortable and safe environment, so whether you run, leap, or stumble into the sea; take a swim or a quick dip, whip your robe off bold as brass, or run for cover under the biggest wave, all are welcome. 

Who is this event for?

This event is LGBTQ+ friendly and open to anyone

who identifies as a a woman. 

Empowering Images

There are lots of photoshopped images in magazines of unrealistic and unattainable bodies. They represent a standardised ideal that doesn't exist. They disempower, frustrate and leave women and young girls feeling 'not good enough'.  


We are building a collection of Images that will exist online and as part of a touring exhibition.  The images readdress the balance, to inspire and empower. We want to create beautiful images of real women feeling free and fully expressed in all their glorious forms. 


This year we will add to it again, and keep on adding. The images are a part of an ongoing conversation. We hope the images empower other women to be happier in their own skin to see that we come in all shapes and sizes and to celebrate this.   They are beautiful images and the women look normal, strong, comfortable and at ease.  




*Image Policy

It's important that every woman taking part feels happy, safe and free. For this reason we ask that no photos be taken except by our official visual artist. We will not take pictures of anyone who does not want to be photographed. The comfort of all the women taking part is our top priority. The images on the website are all from last years Dip by the current collaborating artist Leah. They where all approved by those in them. The artist Leah uses the raw images from her camera and my camera to create her work. (We are the only two people with Cameras at the event) The final images Leah creates are then sent to all the women who took part for approval. Anyone who doesn't want an image of themselves being used has absolute Veto. All the raw images and the images not approved are deleted from existence.


**Image Use

The images approved will then be used for the following; a touring exhibition, a calendar, a year diary (these last two are to raise funds for the cost of the exhibition) We'd also like to make a coffee book with some of the images and some of the stories. They go on our website and we are always looking for opportunities to promote the work. So for example we had an article in Dazed with some of the images, We have a national paper interested in doing a story. At each step any images used we ask approval from everyone in the image. We'd quite like to put a collection on Pinterest so people can share them around the world. The images have a profound impact on those who see them and we want them to be seen so we are open to opportunities to talk about them and exhibit them. They will never be used for advertising anything or selling anything. For us its about empowering and inspiring other women with the work. Keeping at its core sensitivity and respect for the inspiring women who take part. We will never do anything with the images that goes against this core value or undermines what we are creating. We will always ask permission to use the images for any venture we undertake.