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If you have any questions not covered please get in touch via the conact page.  We are happy to answer any question no matter how small. We want this event to be your event and as fun and easy as possible.  


I want to support the event and I don't want to strip, what can I do?


There are lots of ways you can still support the event.


1. Steward. You can be there on the day and be part of creating a safe welcoming environment for the women taking part. Email me on the contacts page.


2.  Help us spread the word. Share the website and the images with all your friends. Maybe you know someone who can write a blog about the event, or a newspaper/magazine article. Our dream is to have one of our images up on a billboard somewhere, can you help us make that happen?


3. Run your own Skinny Dip! We can help you find a beach near you and help you promote it.  


4. Send us your suggestions and offers of help in any shape or form, it's always  appreciated!!!


5. Buy a collection of images. The money is going towards the safe running of the event. They are going to make lovely gifts for the women in your life.



Is there an age limit?


Yes. You must be over 18 to take part. Under 5's are welcome. 


What shall I bring?


Bring along all the women in your life; friends, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. This is an event for ALL women. Bring plenty of towels to keep warm, sunscreen if it's a hot sunny day and water resistant shoes (Cardiff is a pebbled beach and you don't want to be stumbling around -  wear these to preserve your dignity). We'd also encourage you to bring along a celebratory picnic for after the dip.  Also bring water.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


No, but on the day let us know you have arrived by registering your name at the registration desk.


Will I have to be naked the entire time?


No you can stay dressed, wrapped in a towel or wearing a dressing gown right up until the last second when you the hear the whistle blow. There is going to be a stretch for those that want to join in. If your up for that perhaps something comfortable that's easy to whip off after.


Do I really have to be naked?


Yes.  And remember bring plastic shoes or flipflops, footwear is allowed. 


What tyep of images are they?


The images on the website are all from last years Dip by the current collaborating artist Leah. They where all approved by those in them. 


What happens to the images after the event?


The artist Leah uses the raw images from her camera and my camera to create her work. (We are the only two people with Cameras at the event) The final images Leah creates are then sent to all the women who took part for approval. Anyone who doesn't want an image of themselves being used has absolute Vito. All the raw images and the images not approved are deleted from existence. 


What will use the images for?


The approved images will be used for the following; a touring exhibition, a calendar, a year diary (these last two are to raise funds for the cost of the exhibition) We'd also like to make a coffee book with some of the images and some of the stories. They go on our website and we are always looking for opportunities to promote the work. So for example we had an article in Dazed with some of the images, We have a national paper interested in doing a story.


At each step any images used we ask approval from everyone in the image. We'd quite like to put a collection on Pinterest so people can share them around the world. The images have a profound impact on those who see them and we want them to be seen so we are open to opportunities to talk about them and exhibit them.


They will never be used for advertising anything or selling anything. For us its about empowering and inspiring other women with the work. Keeping at its core sensitivity and respect for the inspiring women who take part. We will never do anything with the images that goes against this core value or undermines what we are creating. We will always ask permission to use the images for any venture we undertake.


What if i don't like one of the images of me?


We will not use any image you arn't 100% happy with.  Anyone who doesn't want an image of themselves being used has absolute Vito. All the raw images and the images not approved are deleted from existence.  

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