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Dip Dip Away!

This is an opportunity for you to have a bit of fun, contribute to the body confidence debate happening at the moment in a practical way and inspire other women to feel happy in their skin.  


Each year around 50 women join us in this life affirming and liberating event.


It's hard to describe what the day is like. You have to take part to experience it. To give you a bit of an idea here are a few words from those who took part last year.


What previous dippers said after taking part.


"Well! I feel about a foot taller, 8 stone lighter, like I might never stop smiling and utterly besotted with women. We are bloody marvelous! The image of all those goddesses wading out to sea will stay with me forever,

as will the nudey mexican wave. Thank you."


Ellen Groves 37


"I did it because it sounded like a good idea, i didn't think it was going to be this much fun! I'm very pleased and full of pride. Not bad for a 62 year old!"


Jean Anderson 70

"I ran naked into the sea today with 30 other women. I feel amazing. I want to say thank you to Hazel and Leah for having such a great idea and the commitment to see it though! Hopefully it will happen again so more lovely women can take part and have the same great experiance." 


Glesni 32

"It was such a great experience - can't stop talking about it.... I've already signed up for next year and think I have recruited a few more!" 


Elise Davison 46


"I'm Happy In My Skin! Did two scary things today - stripped off in the company of an amazingly brave bunch of ladies and (even more scary for me) went skinny dipping in the sea. Feel elated! Thanks to Hazel and Leah and the 'Happy in my skin' adventure x"


Ceri Lambert. 41

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