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Who We Are

We are female artists who want to contribute to the current debate about body image and body confidence.


We are supporting women in feeling empowered and confident in their bodies without being connected to a marketing campaign or trying to sell women a product. 


We are creating a transformative event that celebrates and puts the focus on who we are not what we look like.


We are building a collection of beautiful, empowering images of women being confident, happy and feeling free.




Hazel Anderson


Leah Crossley
Rachel Helena Walsh 
Rachel Otterway

I’ve been a photographer since I was four, when my dad first gave me a camera. My first photos were mostly of the floor, but I fell in love with taking photos and haven’t stopped! I find the idea of being able to capture memories forever with the press of a button captivating, and love capturing the most special of days in people’s lives.

I love Skittles, Twister lollies and I think roller coasters are probably one the most important inventions. My favourite colour is turquoise, I love the sea and find talking about physics more fascinating than any other subject (other than weddings). If it wasn’t for wedding photography, I would be a rocket scientist when I grow up.

I have photographed in the snow, a cyclone and what looked like a zombie apocalypse!

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